Confused about Leica cameras?


1. Where can i get them? In store, with a wide range em’ (i tried best buy, no)
2. Whats the difference between Leica cameras and Canons, Nikons, Kodaks, etc. (i heard they’re rangefinder cameras.)
3. Following the previous question, what are rqngefinder cameras and whats the difference between those and SLRs and mirrorlesses?
4. I cant find megapixels, ISO, shots per second or any of that in their cameras descriptions. Is it just not there or is that becausd rangefinders dont have those properties?

Please tell me ANY and EVERYthing you know about Leica cameras!


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You have a lot more researching to do.

The last rangefinder camera made by Nikon and Canon was in the late 1950’s In 1959, Nikon introduced the first 35 mm SLR designed just for professional photographers, the Nikon F

Johnny Martyr

Leica is a top end brand that most people cannot afford so that is why you can’t find much accurate information about it. Much of the “information” about Leica products that you can find online is steeped in mythology and is inaccurate or incomplete such as the other answer here. So you’re not alone in asking these kinds of questions.

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