help with leica camera?


I am looking to buy a leica film camera but need some help. My budget is about $ 100…
thanks for any help!!


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Unfortunately your budget does not match the price of any Leica camera.

If you are wanting a good rangefinder 35mm film camera then I suggest the Minolta Hi-Matic 7S II which you can find on eBay for around your price range. (Note: There is also a Hi-Matic 7S which you don’t want. Make sure its the 7S II model).

If you are wanting a good 35mm SLR film camera then I suggest the Minolta XE-7. The XE-7 was the basis for the Leica R-3 35mm SLR. The XE-7 has a Leitx-Copal shutter which is arguably the quietest shutter ever in an SLR. It also features Auto (Aperture Priority) or Manual metering and has a switch which allows you to make double exposures if your creativity runs that way. You should be able to find one with a 50mm f1.7 lens and the Owner’s Manual on eBay within your budget.


About the cheapest you are going to get into a used Leica film body is a mini at about $ 150 or a R body starting at around $ 400.

Any M body will start used at around $ 1000. You might be able to find something like a IIIf at around $ 750 if you have your heart set on a rangefinder.

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