The best inexpensive Leica film camera?


I am seriously considering going back to my old film roots, but I want to do it correctly and get myself a decent rangefinder. Does anyone have any suggestions on an affordable Leica model that performs well?

I am not necessarily going for perfection and crisp photos. In fact, I consider film imperfections to be quite beautiful.

Also, if you have any other 35mm suggestions for photographing people outdoors, include them!

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If a Leica camera was inexpensive, it wouldn’t be a Leica in the first place. That goes the same for the word affordable. The venerable name of Leica must never be included in the same thought as the next word.

Imperfection. If you are interested taking pictures with lots of it, get a Lomo camera instead like a Diana or Holga. It fits what you want, inexpensive and affordable. Get at least three cameras. No two Lomo cameras are alike. Their very low build quality that classifies them as toy cameras make sure that imperfections from one camera would not be exactly duplicated by another even if they have the same brand and model.


all the Leica cameras perform remarkably well. You won’t be getting too many ‘film imperfections’ that you are refering to. Consider trying some of those plastic lomo or Diane cameras if you want imperfections. Or consider baking your film for a few minutes to force to decolour a little bit before using it. That will also create those imperfections. Better yet use tin plate and collodion that’ll create tons of wonderful imperfections, “which most collodion photographs refer to as ‘artifacts’.”

In terms for cheap lecia cameras; there aren’t many but there are quite a few that are more affordable than the rest.

The leica M6 is considered the most affordable, because they are not as expensive as the MP. Can be had for not much more than the other models. it is fairly recent. And has a built in light meter. probably the bang for the buck.

The most affordabe leica Cameras in my honest opinion is going to be the M3 or the M4-p. The M3 because so many were made, and the condition varies greatly. And are arguably the best Leica made. The M4-p is also affodable because it is considered the ugly duckling – it was made in canada; and Leica fans will not accept a leica that was not made in Germany.

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