Leica point and shoot digital camera?


Can someone tell me where Leica’s P/S are made? Are they better than other brands? I’m looking for a really good P/S, not like the toys from Nikon.

Many thanks!


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jack of all trades

The Leica will have so many more possibilities than you will ever use, but you will pay for them. Look into a Lumix (Panasonic) P/S. They have Leica lenses. Sony bought Minolta, so you might want to investigate their products. Both Canon and Olympus are good, but I would lean toward Canon.

Ben H

To my knowledge, Leica branded point and shoots are made by Panasonic.

I personally would not pay any extra for a Leica branded point and shoot based on this information.


Leica P&S cameras are made by Panasonic as others have already said. They are probably better than Panasonic brands since Leica would specify the manufacturering standards to be applied, but it’s not right to assume that they are better than all cameras including “toys” from Nikon.

Leica doesn’t need to build the best P&S cameras. It has a well known reputation world wide so people will buy their products whether they’re good or not. The name does the selling not the quality

I was seriously considering a Leica range finder for $ 5000 a while back. I was seduced by the name and the alleged quality. By the time I was done I realized that this camera didn’t really do much at all, it wasn’t better built and the pictures it took weren’t among the most outstanding on the market at all. In fact the reviews were not complimentary at all. It’s no different with their P&S cameras.

So I bought a Nikon toy, the D200 instead for $ 1,600. What’s interesting is that the Nikon is better built than the Leica rangefinder and its so richly functional I am consistently getting outstanding images many of which I would never have gotten from the Leica because it doesn’t provide the tools and functions needed even though it’s three times the price.

If you need to impress your friends then by all means buy the Leica but just keep in mind you’ll impress them with the camera but not necessariily with the pictures it will take. There are better cameras on the market from Canon and Nikon that produce better pictures.

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